Your Style Coach

Hi! I'm Yolanda Marie. I am from beautiful and sunny Los Angeles, California.

I have a passion for holistic health, fitness, salsa dancing, the great outdoors, personal development, and of course styling and fashion.

I started my first business at the age of 18 and from that point forward my mind was set on being an entrepreneur. I was blessed to have many successful years in corporate sales and the courage to walk away to pursue my dreams in the field of fashion and styling.

Through my life's journey of ups and downs, good and bads, and with personal growth, I developed my passion.

My purpose is to guide others in achieving what they truly want out of life. I am fortunate to have been able to combine what I love, which is styling, with my purpose, which is guiding others in cultivating the lifestyle they desire. In the process, I’ve been able to create a life for myself that is both fulfilling and of service, for which I am truly grateful.

As a Style Coach, I am trained in all aspects of Styling and Life Coaching. I use appearance as a starting point to help guide my clients in discovering their true authentic self and what it is that they actually want out of life. By helping my clients boost their confidence, improve their self-image and come to terms with a lifestyle that will make them happy, they are able to move forward with all the tools and empowerment they need to achieve what they want in life.

I believe that style is not merely what you wear, but how you walk, talk, present yourself, take care of yourself, and essentially how you live your life. It’s your style that is the essence of your inner confidence and the message you to send out into the world.

Through Style Coaching, I help my clients connect the dots of where they are now to where they want to be. I help them align their style and way of life so they are congruent with the results they’re seeking.