1 Suit, 4 Ways

  When it come to being a power player you must look the part for every area of our life. Why is this important? Looking our best sends a message to the world about who we are. Our wardrobe is our outer skin. What we wear tells others how we view ourselves, our outlook on
What are you getting your special man or woman for a holiday gift? For some of us this question can leave you thinking, “I’m still trying to figure that out!” When it comes to shopping we often get indecisive because we know what we already got them in the past and we may think they
Im so in love with so many trends this season. As a style minimalist, I appreciate a statement piece that can speak for my look of the day. This look is for everyone who loves a little bling in their life, for the woman who is bold and confident enough to shine in her own
I am so loving this years fall trends. I am not that girl that jumps on every fashion trend bandwagon, however, what’s trending this fall just so happens is my style. One of my favorites trends this fall is not really a trend (in my opinion ). I consider this trend to be classic, sexy, bold,
  YOLANDA MARIE’S GUIDE TO STYLE WELLNESS, AND SUCCESS _______________________________________________________________     Guide #1 BACK TO SCHOOL STYLE FOR THE MOM-PRENEUR      When it come to being an entrepreneur and a mom, why is our style so important? Really? What part does it play in our business and motherhood? When I think of an entrepreneur
  As the warmth of the sun rises from its winter hibernation, the thick winter coat, warm boots, and cozy scarves begin to see less days. As we peel away our heavy layers, we search our closets for that perfect spring outfit. Through our shuffle for that perfect outfit, to take on our busy day,
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