In a world full of entrepreneurs it feels like no matter the industry you are in the competition is higher than ever before. Many of us entrepreneurs are seeking not only to do well in our industry, but dominate it. How do you dominate your industry and build a business that will financially set you
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We all know that Style/Fashion is a revolving door. If you look at what’s in today and what was in 100 years ago, you will notice its those classic staple pieces that always come back and are innovated to fit the current times. One of my all time favorite styles is the ever so chic,
                 Wow!! What a time we live in, Right? Going from seeing the first black President voted into the White House eight years ago, witnessing the first woman to almost being elected president, to now, Elect President Donal Trump,  president of the United States and Leader of the
I have a question for you. What are your motivation triggers for success? Take a second to think about that before you blurt it out in your mind.  I  really what you to think about it because I meet so many people who  want to success, however success is  looks to them, but they are
Taylor Hill is the newest face of Lancôme - the beauty brand's youngest ever ambassadress at just 20 years old.
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